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    How do I bulk add users?

      I'm a Jive newbie and I'm much more a designer than I am a developer... so go easy on me!


      I need to add about 2000 users to a Jive group. Manually entering each one doesn't seem like much fun. Aside from Amazon Mechanical Turk, what is a good approach to getting this done?


      With your advice, keep in mind that I'm not much of a programmer. I'm eager to learn but I'm afraid I need answers in layman's terms. And at this point I just need to be pointed in a general direction more than I need details of a particular approach (that part will come later, I'm sure.)


      Many thanks!

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          OK, I've tried a lot of things with no luck. Here's where I'm at currently.


          I'm using the Firefox RESTClient add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/restclient/) -- and it should be noted that I have no idea what I'm doing.


          This screenshot shows what I'm putting into the client. Obviously, I changed my domain in the URL field to mydomain.com for anonymity. Everything else is just as I am submitting it.


          It says Status Code: 200 OK, yet no users are added. In the Response Body (Raw) tab, I get throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.'; followed by what looks like an output of all of the users currently in my Jive site.


          This morning I tried submitted this using the POST method, and it worked once! It added a user. But now when I try it, I get Status Code: 406 Not Acceptable.


          Not sure what to do from here. Any help is appreciated!


          Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.18.42 PM.png

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            Hi!  I am in the same boat and am really curious about this.  I'm sure several new community builders have faced this issue - I am migrating users from an old community.  I hope to hear about a solution...

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              Still just fooling around with no real understanding of what I'm doing... here's what I got back doing a POST from the Simple REST client in the Google Chrome browser. Interesting that's it's a 500 Internal Server error... did I break something?


              Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 3.26.06 PM.png

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                  Julie Cardinali Brancik

                  You should probably post this in Support and you might get more responses.  I'm curious about the answer to this question, as well.

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                      Hello Ben,


                      I was notified to this post, and your Quora post.  I can definitely get you started in the right direction here.  I would post a Case in your support group here on the community to get this question over to the support team.  A Case posted to this site goes right to the Support team, and guarantees an answer within a business day.  A Discussion (like this one) is not actually monitored by support, which is why this thread has been a little more quiet than you were hoping for.


                      I have a more complete document about the differences between Cases and Discussions here: Cases vs Discussions in the Jive Community.


                      Once you post this, an engineer with experience on the API can take a look, and help you around that error.  I'd love to help, but I also am a bit of a novice when it comes to API work, so we will make sure an engineer with a solid understanding of that is the one to help you.


                      Please let me know if you have any questions, I want this to work out well for you.


                      Also please feel free to let me know if you have issues submitting the case, I can definitely help out with that.







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                        Thanks Julie and Tyler. I don't yet have access to our "secret company group" so I can't submit a support case. Working on that.


                        Whenever I have this issue resolved, I will come back here and post the details of the solution for the good of the world.

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                      The POST command is definitely what you want to do -- GET is asking Jive for all the users in the system! What format do you have your 2000 users in? Is it something like a CSV file?



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                          Thanks, Matt. As I understand it, we have all of our users in our single sign on system. Hypothetically I guess we could get those user names into a CSV file, or other format as necessary. I can probably get some folks to help me with that.


                          I believe these are the steps we're trying to accomplish:


                          1. Bulk add new user accounts to our Jive community

                          2. Set flags to use SSO (tie those users to their existing accounts in our SSO system)

                          3. Add users to a particular social group

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                          Here's an update for all interested parties.


                          I've installed & tested the Admin Essentials Plugin as suggested by the very helpful Ryan Rutan, who replied to me on my Quora post.


                          In terms of the three steps we're trying to accomplish...

                          1. Bulk add new user accounts to our Jive community

                          2. Set flags to use SSO (tie those users to their existing accounts in our SSO system)

                          3. Add users to a particular social group

                          ... this plugin seems like it might help with #3.


                          Here's how I can add an existing user to a social group:

                          Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 11.21.10 AM.png


                          And here's the confirmation:


                          Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 11.21.17 AM.png

                          So, that's cool. However, I'm still stuck at #1 -- getting new users into our community, en-masse.


                          Stay tuned...

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                              Ryan Rutan

                              Ben,  Glad you got the Admin Essential plugin installed and working.  Didn't realize you had an additional requirement there for step #1.  If possible, you can bind to an LDAP source, and setup filters...and the User subsystem will automatically create/import users.  Not sure if these are external or internal people, but by setting up this directory integration, Jive can poll, refresh, and deactivate accounts automatically per the directory information.  Hope that helps.  Also, going to move this discussion to the The specified item was not found. community so others can see it and chime in on their experiences. =)