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    Impact of external community to training revenue?


      Does anyone have a feel (or better yet, real results) demonstrating the impact to your company's training revenue (ideally for a product company where training is not your core business) after rollout of an external community?


      Are people taking less training because they are now better able to self-service and get the answers and information they need from the community?  Or, perhaps did training revenue go up due to increased awareness of your offerings?

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          Hi Jeff,


          I wouldn't let the self-service component scare you. If anything, this is an opportunity to hone your Training offerings. Simply by listening and observing to your community and identifying trends, your organization can tailor sessions specific to your customers [most popular or most encountered] needs. This is where you can demonstrate value.


          This can be said for organizations that have a Premium Tech Support model. Customers leverage community to solve their day-to-day work problems. This allows Tech Support engineers to focus on the customers that need more in-depth, multiple day, complex, enterprise-wide solutions.