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    Can I disable a user via the API?


      We currently sync our users to our Jive Instance with the LDAP sync.   Whenever a user leaves our company, their status in our LDAP is immediately changed and the user is disabled in eventually Jive through the LDAP Sync admin configuration options.

      Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.46.34 AM.png

      We're concerned that a user will still have access to Jive until the next LDAP sync and/or SSO login and are looking for an option to disable the user immediately.   Our IDM system can call web services when the user status changes but I can't find any web service in the Jive API that will allow me to disable a user (I see where we can delete one with all their content but that is not what we want to do).


      Is there an API call that we can use to disable a user (in the same manner that is done via the LDAP sync)?   

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          Hi Gary!

          One of our PS team might know why this does not sync immediately. I'll share this with them and see.


          To your point on the API...

          In V3, the REST API allows you to update a person. There is a field on a person, "enabled" that indicates they are active in the system. We could try setting that field and see if that gives you the results you are looking for. The V3 API is available in Jive 6 & Cloud. If you are on Jive 5, then this is not possible via the API.



            "name" : {

              "givenName" : "Mark",

              "familyName" : "Weitzel",

              "formatted" : "Mark Weitzel"


            "type" : "person",

            "displayName" : "Mark Weitzel",

            "status" : "Welcome to our jiveon sandbox!!",

            "published" : "2012-10-04T01:00:43.892+0000",

            "followingCount" : 1,

            "thumbnailUrl" : "https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/people/2004/avatar",

            "jive" : {

              "level" : {

                "name" : "Adventurer",

                "points" : 154


              "timeZone" : "America/Los_Angeles",

              "locale" : "en_US",

              "username" : "mark.weitzel",

              "enabled" : true,

              "external" : false,

              "visible" : true,

              "externalContributor" : false,

              "federated" : true


            "updated" : "2013-01-07T12:46:58.680+0000",

            "emails" : [ {

              "value" : "mark.weitzel@jivesoftware.com",

              "type" : "work",

              "jive_label" : "Email",

              "primary" : true

            } ],

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            Many thanks, I'd missed the enabled field.  I'll look at users and make sure that the LDAP sync is updating that field; if it is I'm good!