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    Profile Completion - Where is it?


      We have the new CMR reports installed in our QA environment and are testing it now.


      I am interested in the Profile Completion report described in the documentation. (Jive 5.0 > Community Manager Reports > Using Community Manager Reports > About the Reports > Profile Completion) However, I don't see this report anywhere. On the Reporting Dashboard, at the bottom of the page, I do see the Download Data: Members link, which has a pop-up for a csv download.


      Where can I find the on-screen report that's described? Are we missing a setting that must be turned on in order to see it?



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          Hi Jennifer,


          I think you may be looking at the old admin console reports dashboard (based on the Download data: Members link reference above) as against the CMR reports dashboard.


          This report and the enhanced export in the new CMR release should be available on the CMR dashboard (global/community wide reports dashboard). You can access the CMR global dashboard by choosing the "Community Manager Reports" option in the Manage dropdown that you get upon logging in (the same one you use to get to the admin console from the main site).


          Let us know if you are still running into issues.

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