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    Get the security groups a user belongs to in API v3?



      I was looking at the V3 api documentation ( Jive REST API v3.0 ) and noticed I couldn't find a way to directly obtain the list of security groups a particular user (People) was a member of. Or am I mistaking?


      In the previous Rest API, it was possible to obtain from /rpc/rest/groupService/userGroups/{userID} values such as the ID and name of security groups a particular user belonged to. I'm asking as I had a use of obtaining security group membership for a particular users in Jive 5. It seem possible to obtain the members of a particular security group, but my current use case implies mostly the opposite relationship...


      Does a Jive API expert knows if this is still possible to obtain in Jive 6? Mark Weitzel ? Craig McClanahan ?