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    Activity stream and other left menu options missing

      Hello Team:


      I’m unable to find left menu options – ‘Activity’, ‘Connection Stream’, ‘New Stream’, ‘Inbox’ and ‘Actions’ under  ‘Home’ link. Screen shot is attached herewith.


      I had installed and configured Jive 6, and started services in following order:





      In eae-service.out, I noticed following:



      13-01-15 17:32:14,226 [Recommender.Heartbeat] WARN [] com.jivesoftware.eae.service.Heartbeat - Failed to send heartbeat to recommender type:[online, boolean_isRecommenderEnabled, true] property:com.jivesoftware.service.reco.http.client.InvalidExecutionException: send exception: dev-reco-ingress.jiveland.com value:{}.

      2013-01-15 17:32:14,235 [drains-shredderQueue-0] WARN [] com.jivesoftware.service.reco.http.client.HttpClient - dispatch error:   path: /api/data/v1/vectors,   metaProperties: X-JIVE-SYSTEM-ID=6ffde18e-9a84-4706-8eab-959d9bce2cbc-dev,   request: ,   cause: dev-reco-ingress.jiveland.com [UnknownHostException]

      2013-01-15 17:32:14,235 [drains-shredderQueue-0] ERROR [] com.jivesoftware.eae.service.queue.ExceptionDrivenThrottle - Recommender Consumer Throttle - Throttling for 1000 ms on exception: com.jivesoftware.service.reco.http.client.InvalidExecutionException: send exception: dev-reco-ingress.jiveland.com




      I did following:

      1. Ensured ‘Recommender service’ is enabled in ‘Activity Engine’ settings, in admin console.
      2. In admin console, in ‘Activity Engine’ settings, connection to eae database succeeds.
      3. I had stopped above services in reverse order and started again. But, still left menu options are missing.



      1. CentOS 6.2

      2. Jive 6.0, on-prem, on a VM

      3. PostgreSQL 9.2


      Please help.