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    Develop plugin to consume external soap service


                 I do have a Jive 5.0 setup. I need to develop a plugin which supposed to consume web services provided by another application (SOAP based web services). I do have the WSDL with me. kindly assist me how can i accomplish this ? Do i need to include the whole apache axis libraries to jive plugin to create code from WSDL. OR is there any SOAP based web service framework available in jive to consume this WSDL ? kindly let me know. Thank you

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          One possible way to accomplish this is to use an app to make a remote call. Working with SOAP services is a bit more difficult than simply using REST & JSON, but it can be done.


          What's the use case you are trying to implement?

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              Hi Mark

                        I have created a link in "Blog actions" widget. whenver an user clicks on that link (This is my link for your info, my action class code will get executed. What my code does is , it calls the SOAP services provided by another CRM application and create a service request using those API (This happens internally in my code). I am able to accomplish following activities.

              1. Create a link on Blog Actions.

              2. When User clicks on the link, My action class will receive the passed "blog" parameter and pulls the corresponding blog information using "BlogManager" API.

              so far good.

              Now i need to call the CRM web services in this same action class function to achieve the required functionality. I have its WSDL in my hand. What steps i should take further ? kindly let me know .


              I created the subs in another and machine and copied that java file in my jive plugin dev environment. Required Axis2 libraries for this stub execution and added in pom.xml file. But not working. I went through the steps mentioned by John in the below link


              Invoking external SOAP web service (not developed on Jive platform) from within jive plugin

              but didnt help.