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    Content Reorganization for Re-Launch

      Any help with the below questions is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


      Our situaion:

      We are in the process of re-launching our current internal employee-only JIVE environment including a new visual look/feel as well as a content reorganization.  Currently, we have a space designated to open discussion that has been flooded with both work-related and non-work related content (among other buckets of content) over the past year.  In response to our employee requests and as part of an overall relaunch strategy to make the most of this business collaboration tool, we are building separate spaces for work discussion, social discussion, etc.



      To model correct behavior (where to post which type of content), we are utilizing the "move" feature within a piece of content to move it into the newly created space where it fits best.  This way, at re-launch we will have seeded the new spaces with existing content that is most appropriate.  That said we've noticed two areas where we can use help/clarification:


      1. When content is "moved" to a new space, it does not appear in the recent content widget according to its creation date.  Instead, the recent content reveals content in the order of recency of when it was MOVED, not when it was CREATED.  Has anyone experienced this and is there a workaround so that moved content appears in the recent content widget according to creation date?
      2. We will be using categories in our new spaces.  When you edit a piece of existing content to add a category, the date of recent activity is updated.  Does anyone have a best practice for categorizing existing content so that all content does not display as "recent"?