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      I am an external consultant working with an organization that has recently implemented 'jive for teams'.  I understand that it doesn't include the NITRO gamification module. I am wondering about what upgrade we would need to have 'nitro'.  Is it possible to install it for one group or does all the organization has to do it?  Another question is if this module is configurable so that we can design our own game dynamics.

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          The Cloud environment will be getting the advanced Gamification functionality very soon - more on that in the next quarter.

          When it is installed it will apply to the entire community, but it is very configurable / customizable if you need to make some place activities give no points and others give thousands of points.   That also should help answer your last question, it is very configurable.  You can leverage all the actions taking place within Jive to build your own missions with rewards based on points, levels, badges, items, etc.