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    Refinements to iPhone user experience


      Forgive me if this has been discussed numerous times. We're running a hosted instance.


      Why is the iPhone UX so clunky? It seems like there are several things that could make it better:

      • Back navigation - our discussions get long and the only way to go to the previous page is to scroll all the way to the top. How about one of:
        • scroll-to-top hover
        • keep the navigation on the screen (position:fixed)
        • gestures, like swipe left to go back (or, swipe left to go to the previous discussion and right to go to the next)
      • Access to my streams - as far as I can tell, I can get to my Inbox or everything I'm following
      • Access to groups I'm following - I haven't had this problem on our instance, but when I want to check in this community, I have to scroll to find the group every time. It's faster to go into my inbox, select "all", scroll down until I find a post from the group I'm looking for, open the post, and from there go to the entire group
      • Mark as unread - there are things I can't do on mobile; if I accidentally mark an inbox item as unread, I have to separately track and remember whether I dealt with it. In the four days since we launched, this has happened to me twice. In one case I asked the other person in the private conversation to remind me later.
      • Cases should be visible in the mobile view of a group - it seems like if cases exist, they are probably the most important content in a group. But at least in the Jive Community mobile view, I can't see cases from my phone. Huh?


      Note that each of these, except Back navigation, apply to all platforms. And gestures also help all platforms.


      I of course also want mobile analytics, perhaps mobile admin, and so forth. But I'd like to get more fundamental usability issues solved first.


      Note that even on the iPad moving to the browser experience doesn't work. The device autocorrect system somehow conflicts with the web site's system so typing more than a few words is nightmarish.