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    Jive for Outlook is not working.


      Jive for Outlook is not working for me. I searched the website, the issue looks the same as in this thread: Outlook Plug-In for Office 2010 , but uninstalling the Outlook Social Connector does not help. No improvement even after rebooting twice.

      I am using MS Office 2010 Professional Plus 64Bit on a Windows7 Ultimate 64Bit with English and German language packs.


      Any suggestions what I could try?


      thank you very much



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          Same for me.  It makes outlook crash at least once a day and I don't have the social connector either.  I know the Jive plugin is the culprit because when I deactivate it I don't get any outlook crash at all, and as soon as I reactivate it, it crashes again once or twice a day...

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              I had exactly the same problem but ended up having to uninstall completely both Jive for Outlook and Jive for Office because it was crashing my entire computer multiple times a day. 


              Any idea as to an ETA of an updated version we can try, team?

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                  I personally have Jive for outlook and have not had any issues with it (yet), however someone on our network has had multiple issues with validating his account in outlook. He isn't able to join his jive account with outlook and tried to post a status to our network via outlook this morning and received the error message "Cannot POST to core API.JCAPI token is missing". Anyone else had this issue ?