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    Customising 'get started' with system properties?




      I have been looking to remove join a group from the Get Started list.


      I was looking in the /soy/onboarding/quests/explore.soy file and it looked like each step id was a system property.

                                   {elseif $step.id == '4'}{buildUrl('/places?filterID=all~objecttype~objecttype[socialgroup]&fromQ=-1790695889&qstep=4')}


                              id="j-explore-step-{$step.id}-trigger" class="js-do-step j-do-step {if $step.state == 'completed'}font-color-meta completed{/if}">

                              <strong class="j-steptext">

                                  {if $step.id == '1'}


                                  {elseif $step.id == '2'}


                                  {elseif $step.id == '3'}


                                  {elseif $step.id == '4'}



      So because I wanted to delete 'Join a group' so I put 'onboarding.explore.group.title=false' as a system property.

      This did not work.


      Am I using the wrong value or is this not a system property?