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    How does the relevance filter work on the people tab?


      I have been asked this question by many members of my community and I can't seem to find a good answer.  I know that it is based on an algorithm but my users want to know more.  Can someone shed some light on this black box please?


      Hey Ken Granger, this is the question I mentioned in our call a few minutes ago.  Thanks for the help and it was good talking to you!

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          From what I have seen and a few conversations I've had, it is something like this. And please note, it will depend on what version you are running. Some of this was addressed in 6, from what I understand.

          1. Most emphasis is put on what is in the name field(s), username field and email field. If the username contains a first initial last name (tmaurer, for example), it will mess up results. I think this is because the algorithm sees that as one word.
          2. Other things in the profile are taken into consideration. For example, a manager's name, the name of a previous company you worked for, your kid's or pet's names (if listed).
          3. Fuzzy matching - I believe there is a dictionary somewhere that it references for common nicknames. So if you search for Ted, you'll also get Teddy, Theodore, etc.
          4. Any synonyms you might have added to the dictionary yourself in the Admin Console.


          Not sure the order or weighting that gets applied. Someone at Jive is better placed to answer this, though I'm not sure yet who took Karl Rumelhart's place.

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