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    Forms app in the cloud

    April Jacobs

      Has the forms app been tested in the cloud? I can’t seem to get it to work, and the help pages don’t match the screens.

      For instance, I can’t set a default container type, or container ID.

      Upon creating a form, I get to preview it but no other options. I can’t actually create a form.

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          Yes, the Forms app has most definitely been tested in the cloud and is currently in use by many different sites.  The only discrepancy you should see in the UI is the settings screen, which has had those fields for default container type and container ID removed.  Users should not need to worry about updating any settings, so unfortunately that screenshot has not been updated.  I did, just now, make changes to the documentation to make that more clear, that those settings have been removed in the current version of the app.  That should be the only difference in the UI.


          The way to control what template is loaded and where content is posted is now done via a custom link to the app, as documented here - Forms App: Linking to a Specific Template or Place - so there is no longer a default setting for this location, since most users would not bother to set it nor would they necessarily know how to get the ID of the container they cared about, especially with relation to spaces, which you must get the ID for as an admin.


          As far as template creation goes, there is no automated way to create the template.  Not yet, anyway.  The reason for this is that the app is currently compatible with Jive 5 and Jive 6+, and prior to Jive 6 there was no way for an app to create a piece of content with tags attached, so a manual step was documented to create the template document and add the proper tags, manually.  This is documented here - Forms App: Template Creator - in the Utilizing the Generated Template section.  It is also mentioned here - Forms App: Template Specification - in the How Templates are Loaded section.


          In the future there will be an update to the app which is specific to Jive 6 and will remove this manual step of having to copy and paste the template content manually into a new document, but for now this is required.


          Do take note that there is a known issue with IE8 when trying to construct a template within the app, and when trying to post a form that has an attachment upload allowed, but this will be submitted as a fix to the apps market within the next week or two.

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              April Jacobs

              Hi Robert,


              I'm still having trouble with this in the cloud. It's just not working for me and the instructions are very hard to follow.


              Would you be willing to spend 30 minutes discussing this with me? I'd really appreciate it.

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                  The easiest way to do this, if possible, is for you to invite me to your community.  If you can provide me the links to any Template and HTML docs that you have tried to create for the app, I can go in as I have time and take a look.  I can see what you have within the documents you have already created, attempt to resolve the issues, and report back with my findings as to what problem(s) I found.  If that doesn't work, then the next available time slot I have for sitting down and allocating dedicated time for this would not be until Friday.