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    Analytic solutions


      HI everyone,


      Hector Cepeda here; I am a new Jive Administrator for Newscorp HQ. I'm learning alot about this great social machine and have a few questions about our options for use analytics and how deep we as clients can get.


      I am aware of some of our options (Goog, SAP, Omniture), but I'm not sure if any of these options are as intrusive as we need them to be.


      How deep can we delve into our Jive instances to get the best user journey analysis we can get?


      At what point do we hit bedrock and are unable to investigate any deeper?


      Do we resort to something external and third party to get the results we are looking for?


      I appreciate any feedback on this, as I am very curious how intrusive analytic solutions can be in Jive.


      Thanks everyone!


      Hector Cepeda


      cc: Kristen Ritter (In loving memory)