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    Office Connector Fails to Display Description Text in Page - Why?

      I have dozens of reports I upload as Excel files every month. I set them up years ago and carefully documented on the page in Jive what exactly would be found in the Excel file uploaded there. The document preview then displayed below that explanation.


      A few months ago I started using Jive for Office to upload new versions of these Excel files. What I did not notice until now is that when I used Jive for Office to "Publish As" then my documentation about each file got deleted. I can go back to earlier versions of these uploaded document pages and see my explanation displayed there, before I started using Jive for Office.


      When I look in the current version of the uploaded file in Excel, using Jive for Office, I see the full explanation in the Description there. Yet this does not display in Jive.


      Why did my explanation/description in the page body get deleted? Is this a known issue?

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          Hi Ted - If I read this correctly you‘re saying that when you publish an update to an existing document, the description disappears. Is that correct?


          Does this happen for all document types, or just Excel? For new documents too, or just the ones you‘re updating that are older? Just trying to figure out how consistent/pervasive this is.


          Offir Talmor and Kfir Peled, what other info do we need from Ted to figure out why descriptions are getting wiped during updates?

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            Hi Mor,


            I can test further when I update my monthly reports next week. All I know at the moment is that the description does not display on the page in Jive even though it still appears in the Office Connect dashboard in Excel. I have only noticed it on older documents that were originally created by uploading files in Jive, which I then connected to with Office Connect and successfully have uploaded updates to a number of times (expect not fully successful, since the description no longer displays).


            These are only Excel files, so I do not know if the same occurs with other filetypes.