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    Is there a way to add the document number to the form data?


      In the current document template for the forms app we are able to direct user entry from a form question to the title of the project, table, etc.  Is there a way to capture the automatic document number that is created for the URL to be added to the title as well?  We have lots of projects that come from this form and it's getting hard to find them and was hoping to utilize the automatic numbering system to help organize.  Any ideas???



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          So let me make sure I understand what you are asking for here...  Do you want the number of the form from which the document was created as part of the title of the content created by the form?  Is that correct?  Or you want the number of the document that is created to be able to reference its own ID in its title?  I'm guessing it's the former, but want to make sure.


          What I think you really would want here is to automatically tag any document (or question, discussion, etc.) created by a form to contain a reference back to the form it was created from, so that you could then easily find all content created by a specific form.  Is that the case?  If so, then what you truly want is the forthcoming update which will allow a form to specify tags to be placed within a template that can be added to the document posted by the app.  There currently is no specific time frame on this update, but it will likely be the solution you are looking for.


          In the meantime what I would do is add a new field to your form template, which points to the form ID.  You can create a text field in your form with a default value that contains this ID.  If you wanted to be extremely strict about it, and make sure the user did not alter the field, you could even put in a validation rule to make sure the field matches the default value - this is a bit of an advanced exercise, but it would give the desired result.  Then you could render this new field in the title.


          Now if what you are looking for is to get the ID of the created document into its own title, that I'm not sure how I would solve quite yet.  I'd have to ponder that a bit, that's a bit of a different use case.

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              Yes i want the ID of the document that is created to be added to either the title of the returned document data.  For instance in the screen capture above the URL shows that this is document 1151 -- The title would say "1151 - Project: Media: Print: 2013..."  Since this is the only automatically generated number associated with the document I don't see another way of easily referring to it when you are dealling with 100+ active projects.  Please feel free to call me if you have a question or need clarification to what I am asking.


              I have already asked about adding tags and categories automatically and understand that the update will be coming soon.  That will be a great upgrade to organization but really differs from what we need to do with the numbering.



              Stacey Stith


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                Hi Robert! Any updates on this? Some of my coworkers wanted to know if this was something that I can add to my template so they don't have to add the numbers manually. (lazy, huh?!)

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                    Sorry, nothing here on this one yet.  This is a bit more complicated than adding basic data to the form, and here's why - that document ID, that you want to add, isn't available until the content is actually posted.  So, in order to add this seemingly simple ID to the document the app would have to post its document in the normal way that it does, then the ID would have to be retrieved from the new document, and a second update would have to be posted for the document just to then add in the ID value.


                    This type of multi-stage processing is just not something that is easily added to the app, and will take a bit of time to design and properly integrate that functionality.  Unfortunately, up to this point there have been some other pressing issues (mainly IE incompatibilities) that have taken precedence in the most recent app updates.


                    I will let you know when we can attempt to get this into the road map for the app.