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    Meeting format/agenda for advocate groups

      We are looking to re-launch our advocate program in 2013. We'd like to change up the meeting format and agenda to get better participation and get more value out of this important group.


      Moving forward, some ideas we have for standard agenda topics are the following:


      • Review of community metrics
      • Show and tell (Advocates do a demo of their group, project or space to show features and value)
      • Training on specific Jive functions (MS Connects for Office, new widgets, etc.)
      • Through the grapevine/Water Cooler (i.e., what they're hearing about Jive their respective areas)
      • Their ideas to improve adoption / engagement / participation
      • Open Q&A


      Of course, we are asking our advocates what they want. But, I thought I would throw this out here in the Jive community too. How are you managing your advocates? Do you have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly meetings? Are they on-site or via phone/webex? What are your standard agenda topics? Have you done anything unique/different with them that has been successful?


      All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!