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    Reaching out to non-users


      A CM that uses a different platform told me they sent out via real mail, a 'what your missing' booklet to associates that either had never logged on or hadn't been active in a while. Has anyone else tried this approach?  If so, any examples would be great.

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          Andrea Bredow I was debating sending out a similar note but via email .. I will keep you posted.

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            For the sake of the environment, we did that via email.  These will work if supported by communities, advocacy and training programs.  Even so, about 10% recipients responded.

            WHat worked:

            • INcluded links to quick startup tips, recommended content and people to follow
            • upcoming training session
            • introduce them to local superusers who provide onsite help


            Will send samples later.

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              Hi Andrea.  Every 2 weeks we send out a "Insider Misses You" email to all employees that have not logged in for at least 2 weeks (Insider is the name of our Jive Intranet).  In the email we list specific things they have missed with links to the information on Insider.  We include at least one important company announcement they missed plus at least a couple fun things.  We also make sure we point them to our "Getting Started" space as well.  The email looks something like this.  I get copied (I own our intranet) as does the head of HR and our CFO (our CFO is the executive sponsor for our intranet believe it or not).  If someone is going more than a month then we have more specific follow up with those individuals.


              Example Email:


              Hey, it’s been a couple weeks (or more) since we’ve seen you in Insider!  There is a lot going on and we want to hear from you! 


              Here are just a few things you may have missed since you have been gone:


              • Don’t miss out on all the new information on Project Mojo: [link to Insider]
              • See the latest business update from the CEO: [link to Insider]
              • Check out the new group, Gaming: [link to Insider]
              • Who’s currently it, in Insider Tag? [link to Insider]
              • Need some help using Insider?  Check out our 1 minute how-to videos here: [link to Insider]


              Go ahead and log in at xxxx.XXXX.com to catch up and share.  If any of you need some help making Insider your browser home page or if you are having log in issues, just submit a ticket to the help desk and they can set you up!

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                  Phillip Bailey

                  I think the email is great and I hope to implement something similar internally. We're also trying a different approach, by moving must-have content out of soon to be decommissioned systems and email inboxes.


                  I have to ask though, how do you play Jive tag?

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                      Every Monday, the person that is currently "it" creates a blog post about the person they are tagging.  The blog consists of about 3 things they learned about the person from their Insider profile or they just happen to know plus a couple pictures.  The "things" should be fun and interesting...maybe slightly embarrassing (but not too much).    The blog post is displayed front and center on our home page.  The person that just got tagged now becomes "it" for the next week and must tag someone else of their choosing.  This continues every Monday.  Our Content Manager manages the process and content to makes sure it happens and is appropriate.  Insider Tag helps get people to use Jive to discover information as well as construct an interesting and appropriate blog post.  And everyone learns a little bit about a fellow employee they might have never known.  It also helps bridge our remote offices.


                      I'll try to clean up an example tag post and share it here shortly...

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                    When we launched our Community we sent Fax Blasts (yes, FAX!!!!). Our users depend on their fax machine and check it through out the day. We designed a single page sheet, optimized for black/white, with a launch message and the path to access our Community. This thread is a reminder that we should consider doing another one for those that haven't joined our Community.


                    We also have used another team's weekly email newsletter to highlight Community - we reinforce the 'What's In It For Me?' and provide direct links to 4-5 interesting discussions. We see a 20-30% lift in Active Users within 2-3 days after those emails go out. We also ensure we put Google Analytics campaign tags on the links so we can see which items drove the most traffic.


                    We are currently working on customizing the weekly email digest sent by Jive. We are going to curate a few discussions to highlight, put in our own Tips & Tricks based on the features and behaviors we want to reinforce, and include GA campaign tags. We'll see how well it works to pull in those community members that haven't been back to visit us in a while. 


                    Email, Snail Mail, Fax.... I think it depends on your audience.