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    B2B Marketers - Are any of you using Kapost?

    Jill Ross

      At first glance, Kapost looks like a great way to plan, execute, and track content marketing activities in a collaborative environment. I'm curious if any Jive customers are currently using this tool? If so, I'd love to hear more about it. It seems like you could potentially set up a Jive project to take you through the first few steps in the process outlined in this demo video, which would still be quite helpful, but Kapost stands out to me because of its ability to distribute content from the platform and gather actionable tracking data.


      Even if you've never heard of Kapost, I'd also love to know how B2B marketers are using Jive (or other programs integrated with Jive) to manage content marketing efforts. Right now, I have an "idea board" posted in a Project where my team can post their topic proposals, then I assign tasks to authors with the topic and draft due date.


      As B2B marketing departments are evolving into newsroom-like publishers that need to gather "stories" from all corners of their organizations, I think the need for collaborative tools to manage workflow is on the rise.

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          Hi Jill! I have not personally used Kapost. For content marketing activities at Jive (specifically on the social side) I use the calendar feature of Jive and have a master calendar that I keep for activities such as our Jive Talks blogs, Jive News blogs, etc. I assign the content to people on the team using the tasks feature. This has worked well for me. I've found its also helpful to structure the Project or Group in such a way that the tasks are front and center when you navigate to it (keeps everyone on track).


          By the way, have you used Producteev?