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    Possible to @ mention a list of people that are not a defined "Group?"


      Hi all:


      I'm a new Jive user and still getting my feet wet. One question that our community leaders have asked... is it possible to @ mention a group of people that are not defined as a "Group" in Jive?


      For example, our community leader might identify 20 people within our broad community that have the same role. Those 20 people might belong to a variety of groups and spaces within our Jive community. (So simply @mentioning the Place or Group won't suffice.)  When the community leader posts a resource or conversation that might be relevant to that role, they want to be able to @mention a tag (like "IT managers") and hit all the people with that role.


      Is there a way to accomplish that?


      Thanks for any help! If this goes in another place, happy to move it.