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    Pre-Populating Discussion Content & Categories


      Hey there!


      I was using the template plugin for a while, but it seems to be very buggy as it was sending an empty emails with the template content before the author submitted the discussion (plugin can be found here: QuickTemplates v2 - Plugin)

      So I went into a different direction - I noticed that I can take the URL and add some parameters that would automatically be populated based on the URL.

      Here is the parameters I needed:






      I was able to get the tags and subject (by adding &tags=<mytag>&subject=<mysubject>)

      The thing is, I'm having some troubles with the Category and the Body.

      For a discussion, I found out (browing around the community) that "&unsanitaryBody=<mybody>" works, but it does not seem to work for a blog post. Is there a setting I can change, or anything like that, to allow the same for a blog post?

      Regarding the Category, I can't seem to be able to pre-populate it. I've tried stuff like category=1978 categories=1978 contentTagSets=1978, but non seem to work.. When I pre-populate the tags, it does offer me a category, but I don't want to leave the option not to select a category - I want it pre-populated.

      Is there any way to pre-populate a category??


      Thanks in advance for all the helpers!