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    How do I format the header of a space?


      I've now had multiple requests from people in our community to format the header of the sub-community/space. I tried putting HTML tags in there, but no luck? How can I make it so I can have formatted headers with images etc? I know I can do this by changing the theme and coding, but that doesn't employer our users to creating nice looking pages.


      Please help.


      Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.03.54 AM.png

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          Hi Jared,


          Your screen shot appears to show the settings page.  In that area, you can choose what is available (type of content) and add tags and description for finding the space.  You can also upload your image here which will display in a chosen widget. 


          I think what you need to do is Manage Overview page where you can probably use HTML in a widget.