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    Jive 6 plugin archetype version information

      I had succeeded to create a Jive 6 plugin archetype by using -DarchetypeVersion=6.0.x-SNAPSHOT after a trial and error use of -DarchetypeVersion=, -DarchetypeVersion= and  -DarchetypeVersion= I had pulled source to setup Jive 6 development environment basing on -DarchetypeVersion=, so I had tried from latest to old versions.

      Help for following:

      1. Isn’t there any value to use for archetypeVersion, other than 6.0.x-SNAPSHOT while creating plugin archetype in Jive 6?
      2. Where can I find latest Jive 6 plugin archetype version information?


      Thanks much!

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          Ryan King request to provide your inputs. Thanks much!

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              The 6.0.x-SNAPSHOT version is indeed the latest version of the Jive Maven archetype.  We don't version the archetype according to individual Jive versions due to fact that it simply doesn't need to change from version to version.  Instead, we provide individual versions for major Jive versions (4.5, 5, 6) because of potential architectural changes between them.


              We leave the version defined as a SNAPSHOT so that we can fix problems with the archetypes or add new features without developers having to repeatedly trash their own local version of the archetype in order to get a new one.  This way, each time a developer creates a new project, the latest archetype is used.