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    Limit points earned per day?

      Is there a way to limit the amount of points someone can earn (total, through any combination of missions) per day? I am asking because some people are really taking advantage of the unlimited badges (one person followed 200 people in one day and earned 5000 points which skews the scale). Trying to keep them from gaming the system too.

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          Hey Megan,


          There are a few limits you can set, here is a screen grab of me creating a mission with some limits.  All of the limits are available under the 'advanced' tab when creating a mission.   (Gamification Console > Actions > Missions > New Mission > Advanced


          You can configure the following restrictions / limits.

          1. Start / End Time - you can make a mission only show up for a few days, a week or even more.  Good for short campaigns, projects that are short term, or maybe a quarterly incentive for a sales team
          2. Max Available - Based on Points or number of 'Challenges' which are = Missions. 
            • Points will be handed out until you run out, but should continue to hand out badges. 
            • Challenges limit is more common - you could say that only 15 total badges would be rewarded to the community... ever.  That is it.  No more.
          3. Daily Achievement - This is a 'per user per day' limit.  This is the one you want for your issue, limit the abused mission to 5 likes or follows a day!
          4. Requires - this is where you can set up a prerequisite before the reward is handed out.   For example, if you want people to wait until they have gotten to level 5 before you start handing out points for following people, you could do that.  Or if you have 5 different missions that you want people to complete in order, you could set up each one to require the previous mission before they can earn it!
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              Thanks, Curtis! Regarding the daily acheivement, this is a per mission setting, correct? Would you recommend finding the top-abused missions and then limit those to five "earns" per day?

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                  It is set per mission, and I would recommend setting a daily limit for pretty much every repeatable mission except for correct / helpful answer points.


                  With that being said, another strategy is to create 2 missions for every type of action.  1 rewards the badge and is not repeatable, so 1 per person.  The other mission has no badge associated and is repeable with limits set on it.  That way a user can still post discussions for points, get a badge for the 5th time they post a discussion, but not continue getting badges after the first.

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                      I like the idea of limiting how many can be earned per day, but I think I remember you saying that people freak out and say the badges are broken when they go past the limit. Maybe after 5 or ten times, they don't really keep track? Or does the  "earn it again" text on the mission listing through the Reputation Center go away when someone has reached the daily earn limit?

                      As you can tell, my community is really into gamification

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                    Hi Curtis,


                    Do we have options to assign any badge after certain period/days?


                    suppose if user mark any questions helpful more than 5 times within 30days then assign a badge?




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                        You can apply time limits as well as track a # of actions within that certain time period, but you have to pick a start / end date.  There is not yet a way to choose a rolling period of time to capture actions across.


                        For example - you can create a mission that says 'answer 5 questions in January'  (one time)

                        But you can not create a mission - Answer 5 questions in 5 days (ongoing)

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                      I want to chime in with a related question, please. When you look at Actions, rather than Missions, there are settings to limit them per time periods as small as an hour, I believe. If we set those, then does that apply to every Mission where that Action is called? Or are the settings somehow separate?