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    Space Administration for Dummies


      I am sure this has been covered in the community before, but my searching of this site and Jive Documentation hasn't completely answered my questions.  We are upgrading to 6.0.1 very soon and are also planning on starting to use spaces more heavily than ever before.  As part of this I am looking at how to administrate spaces and a few questions have come up, so I was wondering if anyone could chime in with their experiences or link me with some kind of resource.


      • Is there a way to export all the members and admins of a user group to an excel file?  We can do that for our social groups, but I don't see that option in the admin console.  Surely it must be there.
      • Less confident in this one, but is there also a way to export all the members and admins of a space (i.e. from all the user groups that are associated with the space)?
      • And the reverse--can you upload a spreadsheet of users into the admin console to create a user group, or can members and admins only be added to a user group one by one?


      These features would seem to be absolutely essential for being able to manage a space, especially the first one.  Or am I wrong in this?  For people who have a lot of spaces with large numbers of people, how do you keep track of/maintain user groups without this functionality, if you don't have it?


      My last question is more of a what-if  scenario.  If someone wanted to create a space and give only a very, very large group view access, such as, say, 1000 HR employees.  They would then theoretically have to create a 1000 person HR user group, right?  How would they go about creating that?  How would they keep this group updated when employees are hired or leave?  Is there a way to automatically create user groups using LDAP or active directory if you have that hooked up to Jive?  I guess my primary concern is that very large user groups are going to be impossible to manage, and if that's true, I would rather know that going in so I can advise our users accordingly.

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          For internal communities many companies leverage security groups from our Active Directory database, since there are already group set up for "all HR" and similar. This avoids having to manage a Jive-specific equivalent. If your AD has security group they should be leveragable and import directly into Jive via LDAP connection.  You may need to rely on technical resources at your company to help understand/implement this.

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            Bumping up my own thread to see if any of the more seasoned space administrators have any insights into the question of whether you can a) export an excel or CSV sheet of all the members of a security group from the admin console and b) upload a spreadsheet or CSV file of usernames into the admin console to create a group?  The answer is probably quite obvious, but that's why I titled this thread "for dummies" . . .

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                I’m not sure there is an intermediate way to manage security groups via spreadsheets (but I like the idea).  The two options I’ve heard are: 1) AD synch  or 2) Manually within the Admin Console.  I’m sure there is a Jive expert around who can better elaborate on what is available.