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    Creating a Badge for point thresholds

      Is there a way to create an action/mission that automatically gets triggered when a user reaches a certain point threshold? We do not see an existing Action to use so this may not be possible. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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          Hey Lauren,


          I am going to ask Bunchball to chime in here to see if this is possible.

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              Lauren Harper - it is not currently possible to award a user based on reaching a certain point threshold (besides new levels), however, we are considering adding a feature which automatically logs an action every time a new level is attained so you can reward users with something extra when they level up.


              Another thing to consider is how motivational your levels are - making your level names unique to your community and progressive in nature can be highly motivational. Consider a leveling series such as 1,2,3 vs. newbie,rock star, and superstar. In the first leveling series, the numbered levels almost hold equal weight; in the other, each level has its own meaning. A newbie will want this level/level icon removed as quickly as possible to attain rock star status.


              Hope this helps!