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    Hide my activity




      Is there a way for me to hide a specific part of my activity so it doesn't show in my followers' activity stream?  For instance, I want to be able to post a document to a group but I don't want my followers to know about it -- or at least, it's ok if they are part of the same group but if they aren't it would be best if it didn't show up in their stream.


      Is that possible?


      Thanks!  Oh and I did search the site here to look for similar questions but didn't find this topic addressed

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          Hi Fabien,


          Generally discussions are not monitored. As a try Jive Customer, (as mentioned in your other discussion) you wouldn't have a support space. As far as activity goes, there really isn't a way to publish a public document and have it not show up on your activity stream. If you publish a document in a space, anyone who is following you and has access to that space would see the document in your activity stream.


          If you didn't want something to show up, you can always make the document private or only expose the visibility to those who need to see it.



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