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    Apps Localization


      Hi everyone!


      Localization in apps works wonderful if we use __MSG_message__ in app.xml file:


      <Locale messages="l10n/ALL_ALL.xml"/>

      <Locale lang="de" messages="l10n/de_ALL.xml"/>    

      <Content type="html" view="home,canvas">






      But when I use:


      <Content type="html" view="canvas" href="canvas.html" preferred_width="1024"/>


      and insert in canvas.html



      then I get "__MSG_message__" on my page.


      Can we localize our canvas.html with __MSG_ prefix? Or is it possible only with js?


      var prefs = new gadgets.Prefs();


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          In the CDATA section (or in the separate HTML file), you are really dealing with localization patterns that apply to HTML pages, not javascript, so the variables don't really apply. You can, of course, use them in javascript to then render the section of the app's canvas that you'd like. This is the most common pattern.