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    8 Ways To Judge Collaboration Technology Vendors - The BrainYard -

    Ryan Rutan

      8 Ways To Judge Collaboration Technology Vendors - The BrainYard - InformationWeek

      The BrainYard

      Collaboration vendors starting to all sound alike? Here are key considerations as you compare tool providers and their products.

      Personally, I think Jive fairs pretty well given this criteria.  What are you thoughts?  Did you use any different criteria when selecting Jive? Let's chat! =)

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          Ryan Rutan

          I also just gave my comments on the article, what are you thoughts? =)

          To be transparent, I am the Community Manager for Jive Software, a vendor in the social business industry.

          In my recent past, I spent over 12 years evaluating, learning, implementing, and integrating technology solutions for IT, and I have to agree with Deb on this one, the criteria hasn't changed. What has changed are the methods in which we evaluate each criteria. With the advent of cloud, mobility, and new security standards, technologies are able to push the envelope in terms of what they do and how they deliver it.

          One item that I would suggest as an alternative to price, or adding as a new category, would be a measure of business value (or possibly "alignment"). In today's social business market, stories of companies realizing real productivity gains and real top line revenue growth are no longer hard to find, in fact they are quite common place. Using these proven stories and drawing parallels to your goals is a great way to validate that a solution is in alignment with your objectives, while at the same time possibly opening doors to opportunities that you have not already considered. Assessing this additional category will give you a Cost:Value metric that can be more revealing.

          On a side note, Jive recently worked with a top three global consulting agency to measure the impact of our social business software on top-line revenue growth. Below are but some of the outstanding results (see image). No doubt, some amazing parallels have already started to form. =)

          Sales Blog Stats.png