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    Sending (JSON) parameters to Jive app via URL?




      I hope this finds you well.


      I'm currently developing my first Jive app and I've run into an issue:


      I would like to send parameters to my Jive app from other places in the Jive community. For instance, I would like to have a link in an HTML widget (e.g. someurl.jiveon.com/apps/local/myapp?"parameter1":{"foo":4, "bar":5}) that contains parameters, ideally in JSON, that my app can retrieve and then use. This would be very helpful because it would allow a shortcut directly into the app so that the user doesn't have to click through the interface. Unfortunately, I cannot access attributes like location or pathname from the parent window of the Jive app iframe because the framework seems to deny such access. I'm assuming that there is a Jive API method I could call but I'm afraid I couldn't find any such method in the documentation.


      I know that such a mechanism has been used for the Jive Forms app so I would be very grateful for any hints you (e.g. Gary Jensen , Ryan Rutan, Robert Fernandes or Mark Weitzel ) may have. Thanks a lot in advance!


      If sending and retrieving parameters via the URL does not work, I would at least like to be able to display different views of my app depending on the URL the user types in. Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks so much!


      Have a great start to the week!