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    Using Siri in Jive - anyone tried this?


      Hi folks. This may simply be a cute trick, but has anyone tried to use Siri to answer a post/discussion within Jive? I believe using an email alias for the Jive post/discussion/etc as a contact within the IOS system gives Siri a hook to send an email response into the Jive instance.


      The theory, using Siri will enable a user to quickly answer or ask questions within a Jive environment. For a mobile user, this could be a time savings. Instead of email replies into a discussion, the user can simply call up Siri, "Jive discussion", speak, "When is JiveWorld 13?". Siri will then send the email into the Jive area associated with the email alias.


      Let me know if anyone has tried this before.



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          I like this.  Great example of meeting the user where they are.  I'm going try this.

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              Thanks for the feedback. It took about 5 mnutes total to grab the email alias, email that to myself, cut/paste the alias into a new iPhone contact. The downside is it would not accept a "text" message, but will accept an email. Makes sense because it's called an "email alias".....=]


              for a mobile person in a customer support role, this would be an easy way to quickly respond on the go.....

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              I wonder if anyone has asked Brian Gil if Jive thought about or tried implementing this. I would think it would be a great differentiator if it was OOTB.

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                Ryan Rutan

                Cant say I see a clear answer to this, but my be an interesting native Jive iOS app feature, that offer a "Siri" respond button when viewing a specific thread.  As for Siri organic search, "When is JiveWorld13" I think that a standard voice to text entry into the existing search interface would meet that request.  Brian Gil any thoughts here?

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                  in order to be helpful, here is the "how to" on setting up this trick....sorry for simple approach....no doubt, there is a more elegant solution, but hey, creativity can be messy...


                  I have included a small video on how to grab the site/space email alias....forgive my messy desk top....although, my background photo is nice, eh?


                  1) go to the space/group you want to enable for Siri

                  2) in the "Actions" section, choose "create by email"

                  3) In the choice menu, choose the "discussion" option

                  4) you can either download the vcard or email the vcard

                  5) from the vcard, obtain the email alias for the space/group - you will type this into your phone contact

                  6) in your iphone contact list, create a new contact - be specific so Siri doesn't send it to your significant other - you don't want to have that conversation!

                  7) in the contact email section, type in the vcard email alias info....this could be long...be careful with spelling and dashes, dots....

                  8) Once the email alias info is entered, save the contact

                  9) You now have a discussion contact that Siri can use

                  10) Activate Siri, tell her to send an email to "Jive Internal".....you have to tell Siri it's an email....text message do not work....they call it an email alias for a reason...=]


                  Now, this likely opens up many other questions to explore...chief among them is, "how to send a reply to a discussion question?".....that will be a later post...


                  have fun!

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                      Nice one! I could also see this for status updates, especially for getting executives and other busy people to post.

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                        Thank you for listing the steps here.  I am going to test this internally and see how it goes.

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                          John - this ROCKS!! Thanks so much for posting this. I've now tested it and posted instructions to our internal Jive site so that I can hopefully save some people some time and maybe spur a few more people to actually post!


                          Loving it!

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                              You are very welcome Tracy. I am glad to give back to the community that has served me so well. Has this helped increase posting or updates?

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                                  Sadly, I don't think so. But I probably need to get more eyes on it. I'm actually kind of glad I didn't do more before, though, because our create-by-email links all changed due to email domain changes tied to a (Jive hosted) 6.0 upgrade. If this had hit a large population, I'd have been sad that I had to ask everyone to update them.

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                                      Thanks for that warning. We have not socialized this either and we, too are about to go through the upgrade gauntlet. Fun!

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                                          The upgrade is worth it.  We went from 4.5 to 6 in April and are seeing huge increases in page hits.




                                          Page Hits


                                          Page Hits/Day



















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                                              Wow Mike! We will definitely baseline on this data. That's almost 50% increase in two months! You guys must have done an awesome job on socializing this new version. Were there specific calls to action made to bring in this new level? Thanks so much for sharing. Grant Whitacre check this out.

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                                                  Actually, the business transition went a lot smoother than we expected and we didn’t do a huge “event” if you will to create awareness.  He was our communication plan (highlevel).



                                                  1)      We created a Preview Jive group to post the information we wanted to promote prior to go-live (from 4.5 to 6).  Our documents centered on the following themes:  Getting Started Guide, More options for receiving notifications (following actually means something), Easier ways to get someone’s attention (@-mention), and the improved search capabilities.   The nice part about the preview group is that we could pimp it out in our normal corp communication channels.


                                                  2)      We did a space admin meeting to walk them through the changes on the publishing/management side of the house.


                                                  3)      We sent an email to the entire company the morning after the upgrade with an attached getting started guide. (Not the biggest fan of this step, but unfortunately people are still stuck there).


                                                  4)      We migrated all our help docs to reflect the new way to do things on 6.


                                                  What we missed.


                                                  1)      The streams are great, but our navigators still want to go somewhere and look around.  We had to put out some additional short cuts on the home page for bookmarks, your groups and your spaces as these seem to get lost in the new interface even though the “places” tab is right there.


                                                  2)      More emphasis put on the quick search so that people know about frequent/recent/bookmark links.  It wasn’t obvious to most that you can put your cursor in the search box and pretty much get the list you need without typing a thing.


                                                  3)      We had to customize our quick search so that places appear before people.  Groups/spaces are not noticed at the bottom.


                                                  4)      Technically we had some initial challenges with our search indexing and are still occasionally fighting the Activity stream engine needing a restart but that’s par for the course in software right?


                                                  Good luck.