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    Creative thinking needed to help migrate jargon dictionary


      On our current intranet we have the DFS Glossary, a primative database of jargon and their definitions. Any user can submit a new term to the Glossary and there is no real monitoring or editing. Moving it to Jive is a real no-brainer. Users can add a new term as a document and I am using categories to make alphapetical filters (A, B, C etc). An an FYI, I have no tracking or reporting on the current Glossary but the tool itself is at least 6 years old. So my question is if you had 1,800+ words in your old glossary, how would you manage the transition to Jive?


      1. Add all 1,800 words before launch?
      2. Add some subset of the 1,800 words before launch?
      3. Wipe the slate clean and start over with all new user contributions?
      4. Wiple the slate clean, but encourage users to pull important terms from the old Glossary?


      Any great ideas out there?



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          Dennis Pearce

          My vote would be for a combination of 2 and 4.  I think you will need to seed it with some content, otherwise you might not get any traction on using the new environment.  You probably have some idea what the really important words are that reflect the terminology of your key business, so move those words that are likely to attract the most users.  But we have found when moving a lot of business area content from one system to another that, instead of moving everything automatically (which is what everyone always asks for), it's amazing how requiring just the slightest effort on the part of users during the migration process can act as a great filter to weed out a lot of the crap.

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            Thanks for the thoughts. I decided to go for a crowd-sourcing approach. I have invited a few hundred group owners and other Jive heavy users to look through the current Glossary and pick 2, 3 or 40 of their favoriate words and add them into the Jive version.


            60 or so people have joined and added about 60 words out of 1,800 after two weeks. But I know there is a lot of junk in there and the participation may be a reflection of the glossary's actual usage. We have a few sites on our current intranet that I am finding are only considered important because they have existed for a long time.