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    A list of documents from a template in a table?


      In short:

      • What is the best way to display in a table all the documents created from a given template?


      In more details:

      • ideally I want it in a table in a Jive document (as opposed to a widget on the overview page of some place)
      • ideally will allow in the table not only the title of the docs but also a set of other columns that I choose among the fields filled in the form
      • ideally will allow to click on a column header to reorder the rows in the table based on that column
      • ideally will allow to choose the number of N rows to display in one shot (meaning before you click "more" to see the next pack of N rows)
      • ideally it works in Jive 5

      Am I too demanding?


      To start with, is there a way, visible to the user or hidden, where the document created from the template remembers

      the template it was made from? (If not that we may still query but the risk is higher for accidental matches, I believe).


      Thank you in advance,


        • Re: A list of documents from a template in a table?

          Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this.  There is no historical record kept anywhere of the forms that are posted.  A request such as this has been made in the past, and it is on the roadmap as a future feature, but there is no summarization/aggregation of form data currently available.


          In the nearer term, in an upcoming version of the Forms app which will only be compatible with Jive 6+ (not 5.x), there will be a feature that will at least get you part way there - the ability to add tags to the Jive content posted by the app.  These tags will be able to be entered by the user in the form, automatically assigned to the doc based on the template definition, or both.  When this is released, you will be able to auto-include a tag for a piece of content posted by the form, and then you would be able to do a Jive search for that specific tag.  That would at least give you a way to view all documents created by a specific template - which is the basis of the request.


          In the meantime, however, there is a potential workaround for you.  In the body of the source HTML that is used to create the content of the form, you could put in a very specific string into the body of the document, say, "Created by template_abcdefg" and then just use a Jive search to find those pieces of content.  You're correct in that it may not be as completely accurate as a tag, or a known list of created content, but it may help, for now.


          So, short answer is:

          • This feature currently isn't available - solution is to include custom text in the HTML output of the template and use Jive search
          • In the near future - use the app to place tags within the template and use Jive search to find tagged documents
          • In the distant future - some type of aggregation, summarization, and analysis will hopefully be included with the app itself
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