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    Project Template Feature?

      Hi Jive,

      My team is planning to develop a feature to copy projects from a template. We have received numerous user requests for this feature, and are planning to develop this feature if there aren't any plans for this in Jive's roadmap any time soon.

      I browsed the Jive Community, and most discussions about project templates are pointed to the Quick Templates Plugin that was developed by Ryan Rutan. May I know if there are any plans to develop this feature within this year? Thanks!




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          Add us as another customer who wants this feature. We have a group that runs hundreds of small projects a month, and they are basically cookie cutter for various customers sites. This would make the projects feature practical for them to use, as well as promote best practice / patterns for their projects.


          As with Genny's request - hoping someone from Jive can respond. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


          Thank you!

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            I'm not from Jive but it looks like there'll be some sort of Template functionality for all places (and by extension Projects) available in Jive 7.