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    Custom-Authentication in Jive 6.0


      Our current instance is Jive 4.5.4, and uses a custom plugin with custom-authentication with the help of this: Jive 4.5 Community Administrator Jive Documentation - Custom-Authentication Example


      We are now upgrading to Jive 6.0, and it seems the custom-authentication is at with no mention of it within the Jive 6.0 Community Administrator Documentation. Is this still a viable option, or are we limited to others? We seem to get a little further along with custom-authentication vs, however, there are a few more required classes with little to no documentation that I am able to find.


      Are there any example implementations of custom-authentication out there, or a similar solution by anyone else? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Ryan Rutan, is there an example plugin that uses the custom-authentication

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            Was able to get our plugin working. The main thing was just creating our own classes to implement a lot of the newly required fields as some of the implementations provided simply would not be picked up by the plugin. After getting all the required fields in order, we had to make a small change in JiveAuthProcessingFilter.java file.



            if (isUserAnonymous && !doesAllowAnonymous()) {
                 return true;
            } // NotDoesAllowAnonymous



            if (isUserAnonymous && doesAllowAnonymous()) {
                 return true;
            } // DoesAllowAnonymous


            Now our plugin in Jive6 works the same as our plugin in jive4.5, and our federated users are able to login.