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    Where did the email watches feed come from in the Jive community?


      I noticed that when we moved to Jive 6 in the community, day 1 there was an additional feed called email watches.  When I clicked on it, it was a feed of all the things I followed by email in the 5.  Does anyone ( Ryan Rutan) know how that happened?  As companies move from 4.5 to 6, should we expect that to be configured automatically or is that a customization?  Also, can we expect all the existing email notifications to be intact or will users have to re-create them?


      Sorry for all the questions...its been on my mind for a while.


      Any help would be appreciated.

      CC Tom Myler

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          This is a product of a standard upgrade, it is meant to preserve your old associations in the new paradigm.  The feature is designed to preserve all historic followings, etc... so user's should not have to go back and "re-follow".  Hope that helps. =)

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              We are on the eve of our upgrade.  I had thought that all tracking of what a user had clicked 'receive email notification" on were lost when going from 5 to 6 (ie all those email notifications would be stopped), but your answer above seems to contract that.


              Am I understanding this correctly:


              If I clicked on 'receive email notifications" for a space, group, any content type (discussion, document, video, blog, poll, etc), or person in Jive 5 then those all go to an "Email Stream" in Jive 6 and in my preferences the default is to have anything that comes to my Email Stream be actually sent to my email address on record.  Is that correct?  So, community members shouldn't lose a single email notification?


              I see also that on Jive 6, I sometimes have the "email watches" as an option when I click "Follow" but I think (not sure)  I only have "connections stream" and "inbox" as options sometimes.  Does "email stream" show up all the time and I'm just getting confused about seeing it sometimes and sometimes not.  What is the point of the "Email Watches" in this context ... or is this just a byproduct of the migration that a new stream was created to handle the migration scenario and all custom streams show up in the Follow as an option.  I ask because I understand the concept of creating new streams but all those new streams can have email set on/off so the sensibility of creating a new stream to add to email seems confusing.


              I think that last paragraph might be confusing :-)


              If you can at least answer the first question, I'd be happy!



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                  Ryan Rutan  ... if you can see the post I just did and response you would make my day!


                  Laura Douglas

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                    We just upgraded from 5 to 6 last month.  Yes all the stuff where someone clicked "receive email notifications" goes into the Email Watches stream & the stream has email turned on by default.  So people still get all their email notifications, but the mechanism to start/stop them is different.

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                      Trying to answer your question fast, as I'm running to a meeting and dont want to forget, so apologies for brevity.


                      The purpose of the "Email Watches" stream is to provide a place to preserve previous "Receive Email Notification" preferences.  All content and place preferences in this regard SHOULD be preserved in this stream upon upgrade to Jive 6.  I say should, as its usually a large amount of data to validate for anyone person, but that is the intent of the upgrade feature.


                      Beyond that, "Email Watches" is just a stream like anything else, it just happens to have the "Email" flag enabled.  All, none, or some of the streams can have email enabled, it just so happens that when you upgrade to 6, we create a default one.  People can use it, ditch it, alter its name and/or it's settings.  It is just a normal stream. 


                      When you click Follow, you are provided a list of all the streams....such that you can assign the content/place/person to any number of streams.  As long as your "Email Watches" stream hasn't been deleted, it will continue to be displayed there along with any other stream(s) that have been created.


                      Quick take-aways:  In your mind, ignore the name of the stream, as I think that is the confusion.  It is just an normal stream like anything else. =)


                      Does that help clarify?