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    Customize menu under user


      I am trying to figure out what theme file controls the display of the menu that drops down on click of the user: 



      Basically I need to add a custom link.   Any help greatly appreciated!..




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          You'd generally wouldn't want to alter the theme to do this; it's better to do it in a plugin or via the overlay. We've altered spring-etc.xml to use the MergeableCollection class to add extra menu items to various places. The mergeIndex property can be used to set the position of the new menu item.


          There's a great piece of documentation on this level of customisation here; https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-52397

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              It depends.


              I‘d say that if the menu item is always there for all users, then you could modify the soy/ftl file via the admin console.


              You wouldn‘t be able to insert the link into the middle of a current list though, as Matt says you‘d need to add it into the spring file for that.


              If you want the basic option, I think the template you need is



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