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    Onboarding a new Community Manager

      Does anyone already have an onboarding plan for a new hire Community Manager?


      I'm thrilled to have a new hire starting as the Community Manager for our external private customer community. He has strong community management experience but hasn't used Jive as a Community Mgr.


      If someone has a plan or outline already, I'd love to take a look and see if it gives me a jumpstart. If you don't have a plan what are the top 3-5 things that jump to mind?


      Some of the items I have:

      • Spend time reading discussions and getting a feel for the tone and norms of our community.
      • Review the docs from our Jive Strategy work done prior to our launch
      • Community Manager Reports -- see what the data shows for the last 3-4 months.
      • JiveSoftware Docs -- to start to understand what's possible with the Admin Console
      • External Community Managers group
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          Hi Share,


          I would put emphasis on how you see the community serving your business plans and then show which Jive features are good enablers for that.


          For example; you would want users to easily connect with one another and to easily find and acces content. Enabler for that could be Groups, Spaces, @mentions, Search, etc...


          Widgets are important to understand as they affect both the design and the accessibility of your content


          Keeping the principal of "What is that I'm trying to achieve" and than finding the platform feature to support that, Will make it easier to come up with a plan.


          Hope that helps.



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            Shane Rogers


            I was recently on-boarded into a well oiled community team!  ( Biray Seitz, Jordan Dayton & Scott Dennis )

            There were two key things they did to help me get started

            1. They shared the vision and mission of the community.  This helped so much in knowing 'why' we do the thing we do.  They shared an policies or procedures they had established which they had thoroughly documented in a shared Google Drive Folder.
            2. They gave me a tour of the community; walking me through each space, subspace and featured group that existed.


            Then they turned me loose with simple tasks that forced me to learn and engage with Jive and the community!


            I know that's not a specific checklist, but it worked well for us.  I @mentioned me team above, as they may have more detailed insight into how they prepared for me to come on board.

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