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    Search Engines


      HI all,


      We are working on replacing our overall search engine for our site (ni.com), and one of the requirements will be the ability to properly and efficiently crawl community (jive) content. This will include crawling all documents, discussions and blogs in all spaces as well as groups. It will also need to take into account permission levels. (For example, only serving up content in a private group if the searcher has access to that group). There are a few search engines we are looking to use as our replacement platform, Solr is one of them. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Solr and how it was set up to index Jive content. It is our understanding that Solr is used by the Jive platform for Search, but we need to incorporate the results into site-wide search. Any suggestions/feedback will be greatly appreciated! 



      Hassan Atassi