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    Users' Activity on Jive a and "social layer"?




      My organization uses Jive and there are questions on how we could use the platform for users to endorse other users about their expertise. Jive allows the usage of badges so that might be one way to go.  However, one piece we are interested to look into is;HOW users' activity on a jive platform can become the " Social Layer" of an expertise locator, i.e. how can a users' activity, likes, and ratings his/her contents receive, be captured and used as an indicator of this person's expertise.  I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas especially from Ryan Rutan and @David Gutelius.



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          Our inquiring minds want to know this, too :-)

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              Ryan Rutan

              So I have a very tactical answer that is a result of a strategic plan I made a few years ago. =) If you look in the JC, you will see a lot of interesting implementations of just this.


              First off, Badges are a great way to award recognition, but to your use-case, I feel they fall short.  Being able to see "who all has won this badge" as a filter option (that works in concert with other filters in the Browse paradigm) is a critical piece that is missing, but I know Kevin Conaway and Dan Katz are aware of the customer ask.  Once this is in place, I think this will elevate the stature of gamification/badges in this regard.


              About a year ago, we released Thrive on Jive in the JC.  This was the result of a long-time want I had to build something that was part on-boarding tool and part interest/expertise matching.  Making it easy and relevant for people to provide structured information about themselves such that they could find others, and others could find them.  In most cases, profile fields work great for the high-level elements; however, when it comes down to something like "interests" and "talents", they fall short.  Interests and skills fluctuate rapidly and are hard to centrally define and maintain relevance over time.  This is where I think Jive's "tag" paradigm for users really shines, but is often overlooked/discounted.   When a person completes the interests section of Thrive On Jive, the feature tags each user with a standardized tag per interest selected.  These tags work in concert with a global tagging structure that can tie people, places, and content together on a similar interest.  This helps the Jive What Matters engine make recommendations on people, as well as your ability to organically find them in the Jive Community through filtered search, etc..


              With people tagged with these structured tags, it is not far fetched to use something like a simple HTML Widget, Managed Snippet, or Jive App to craft interfaces that expose "people" finding by these interests as it relates to your business need.  All you are doing is search query.  Obviously the more advanced you get with your use-cases, the more you lean towards an app, but that's not a bad thing.  If you are doubling down on the social layer, you should double-down.  HTML Widgets and Managed Snippets are great for proving something like this out, but a Jive App would be able to intertwine itself through the community and provide the "social layer" experience deeper integration with the system.


              Mark Weitzel - I think I just figured out my first Jive app for the JC. =)


              At this point, all you need to do is get inventive on how tags get to people's profiles.  Hence some some features that I wrote in the Admin Essentials Plugin that can do this, called Tag Gleaning.  Which will auto-tag a person when they take action (Like, Rate, etc...) on a specific piece of content.  You can also run games, or build interfaces like Thrive on Jive to give the paradigm a boost.


              Hopefully that answer will help a bit.  It's not all pie in the sky,there are actual tangible benefits you can work on now with your version of Jive (as long as you have Jive 5+) that can align well with a bigger/broader initiative that you roll out over time.

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                  We're currently thinking about the possibilities around Expertise identification and profile management with Jive as well.  Forgive me if I'm a step behind the others but what is "Thrive on Jive"?  I see it's a plugin - is this something that can be used on our community/downloaded?  Can you point me to some fact sheets/documentation around it if yes as food for thought for our internal discussions?  Thanks!

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                Awesome topic, Teuta and Ted.  We're definitely thinking about concepts like this within the product team!  As we introduce capabilities like impact and sentiment on your contributions, the ability to mark your input as a decision, etc we are getting closer to being able to automatically determine one's expertise.  I'd love to chat further with both of you to help shape some of our thinking.  Any interest in spending a few minutes by phone with me over the next week or so?