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    Feedback Options in Bunchball

      I'm thinking through how to affect people's behavior. Two obvious ways to do this with Bunchball are badges and points. Here's what I think about each:

      • Badges --
        • GOOD: Great for immediate feedback that gets the attention of the person right when they have behaved as you desire. Positive reinforcement that is immediate is the most effective.
        • BAD: Diminishing returns. Give me too many badges and the value of each subsequent badge decreases -- rare praise is valued while frequent praise becomes less valued. Worse, badge clutter makes it hard for others in the organization to perceive what anyone has earned badges for and makes the achievements seem trivial.
        • For immediate feedback, then, badges fail as an ongoing strategy.
      • Points --
        • GOOD: Flexible tool you can use to reflect the value you associate with a behavior. Using frequency missions, you can award points for consistent behavior, too -- very good! No clutter to worry about, so points work great as an ongoing strategy.
        • BAD: Points are not attention-getting, so they don't immediately positively reinforce behavior the way a badge does.
        • People in the normal flow of working in Jive are not very likely to notice that they just were awarded a bunch of points for what they did, so there is a fatal flaw in using points to reinforce behavior.


      What I want is immediate, attention-getting feedback that does not create clutter. That seems to me to be a message which appears immediately on the screen (in a way that does not interrupt workflow -- it must be highly-noticeable, but brief and non-intrusive -- perhaps a pop-up near the top of the screen by one's avatar that fades away after 3 seconds -- don't make me click to dismiss it!).


      Is there anything close to that possible now? Can we get something like this in the roadmap?

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          I agree with you that we need better awareness of what a user can do to earn rewards, as well as more immediate feedback of the rewards they are earning.

          You can basically break down the types of information into Instant Gratification and Sustained Gratification / Engagement.

          Here are a few examples of what is currently done - and my thinking around the issue


          So what is available now in the 'instant' category?

          • Point totals will update after an action takes places, so a user can see that they have done 'something' but the feedback on what earned them the points is not readily available.
          • Completed missions push a notification in to the activity stream.  This is great for letting other people know what you are doing, but not necessarily letting the end user know what they are doing. 


          Sustained gratification:

          • If a new level is earned it will appear throughout the interface, everyone becomes aware that you have achieved level X.
          • Once a user has performed all the actions to complete a mission, they can immediately go in and see it presented in their profile as well as add it to their specific 'me in 3' badges.


          What do I see as the big gaps? 

          • For Sustained: General awareness and availability of information.  How did I earn these points?  What did I do?
            • Something is in the works to better solve this
          • For 'Instant' = Mostly in the 'new user' experience / getting them hooked on the game elements.  Popup notifications would be amazing to get someone aware that they are being rewarded, but could also overwhelm a user who has been around a while with notifications.
            • Also under consideration is a bigger notification when a user achieves something amazing. Like a new level, or a very difficult badge.
            • Been on my list of things to dive into in greater detail with the team - consider it a priority.


          And as always, thanks for the feedback!



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              Thanks for the thorough response, Curtis (and speedy as usual, too)! I like that completing a mission pushes a notification to the activity stream. I could see setting up missions that can be repeated (e.g., log in 5x in a week) and which reward points, so the notification upon completion would help to some degree with reinforcement in the sense that people would learn that their achievements are being made public.


              I'll think further about the other points you raised.

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                Hi Curtis,


                By chance, do you have any information available on updated feedback options? The lack of feedback is severely impacting our success with gamification, and I'm really looking forward to any new options we can implement.


                Thank you!


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                No updates from me personally, but I know someone who might be able to help for the short term.  I will make that connection to see if it helps

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                  Ryan Rutan

                  Hey everyone.  This is something that I've tried in the JC in the past and works well.  There were some hiccups a while ago with a random in-frequent hanging request to "assets.bunchball.net" but those might be alleviated by now.  Just haven't had a chance to verify and turn back on in the JC.  Dan Katz thoughts?


                  Here is the snippet that you can put at the bottom of your /template/decorator/default/footer-javascript.ftl:


                  <#-- GAMIFICATION NOTIFICATIONS -->

                  <script src="//assets.bunchball.net/scripts/nitro/current/nitro.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

                  <script type="text/javascript">

                       $j(function() {

                           var nitro = new Nitro({

                             apiKey : "${JiveGlobals.getJiveProperty('nitro.client.apiKey')!}",

                             server : "${JiveGlobals.getJiveProperty('nitro.client.baseUrl')!}",

                             userId : window._jive_current_user.ID





                  <#-- END GAMIFICATION NOTIFICATIONS -->


                  If you run into issues with it, I'd recommend commenting it out rather than debug.  Definitely interested to know how it works. =)


                  Hope this helps.