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    Missions for repeating action x times per week and month?

      I understand how to create a mission that counts as completed after someone has taken an action x times in the time period specified (given a start date and end date). But what I would like to do is reward consistent, sustained types of behavior on a regular basis. For example, I want people to earn a bonus amount of points when they log in 6 times in a week or 20 times in a month.


      Is there a way to set simple parameters such as Week or Month (30 days would be close enough) in missions? The logic would look like this:

      • Specific action or actions
      • All must be completed
      • Within a 7-day period or 30-day period


      These would be simple rolling time periods. For week, Monday - Sunday. For month, we could keep it simple and make them rolling 30-day periods and not worry about how it would get out of sync with actual calendar months.


      It is impractical to set up multiple missions with specific date ranges over and over again, so if there is a way to do this with rolling date ranges I'd love to know. And if there isn't, it would be great to add this capability.