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    Upgrading V4.5 to V6...What to consider in org change for the users?

      I am identifying content for the org change communications plan for our V6 upgrade and would like to understand/anticipate what the users need to knowTracy Maurer . Here are key points (with the help of Claire Flanagan) and feel free to add your own. We will be adding MS Connectors in a subsequent upgrade.

      1. Does the upgrade adjust their current 4.5 workflow?
      2. Are there any issues for international users (e.g., open activity stream)?
      3. What aspects were important to address before, during and after the upgrade?
      4. What did you do in your upgrade that worked?
      5. What would you have done differently in hindsight ?
      6. What were your "Gotcha's" and "Aha's"?
      7. What collateral can you share for reuse?


      Thanks for taking the time...any tid bit will be helpful as we are just starting our path. You are welcome to contact me directly.


      Take care,