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    Question about training during upgrades

    Dennis Pearce

      We're currently on Jive 5 moving to 6 at the end of this month.  Also currently hosted and thinking of moving to the cloud version.  I watched the 2013 Roadmap webcast yesterday and there is a lot of exciting stuff coming, and very quickly.  My one concern is how best to convey those changes to our users, particularly when they involve major UI changes like we see in 6.


      Jive 6 has been out since late last year but I still don't see much in the way of training material other than the documentation.  For example Jive Platform Training contains nowhere near the collection we got with Jive 5.  It would also really be helpful especially for customers who are upgrading to have some training that showed "before and after" kinds of comparisons for features that change, like in this case activity stream management, bookmarks, spotlight search, etc.


      There are many advantages to cloud, not the least of which is getting all these powerful new capabilities as quickly as possible.  But one advantage of our present hosted environment is that our community managers have time to try out these new features, digest them, frame them in context for our users, and develop our own training where we don't have it from Jive.  So a couple of questions:


      • For Jive -- Given the frequency of updates and the "push" model that comes with being a cloud customer, would it be possible for you to have training materials available at the same time as product availability or even in advance so community managers can wrap their heads around the changes in preparation for questions from users?

      • For existing cloud customers -- How do you handle change management and training on new features given the quarterly release schedule?