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    Anyone experienced any Privacy concerns regarding the Outlook Connector? Emails messages copied in social intranets?


      Recently there has been some internal discussion around privacy issues when socializing email messages through jive (outlook connector)... has anyone ever received a compliant from a user that, without their knowledge or permission, someone else copied their email and  included it in their social intranet  or taken a comment created in jive and then forwarded that comment via email using the Outlook connector?


      I know that once a message is sent, whether in email or in a jive-platform, then its content can be easily copied and shared, however any suggestions about how to manage expectations or complaints from those users who object to such practices especially when their argument is that the content they created were really intended for a limited amount of people...


      Thanks for any insights...


      Mentioning Internal CM/Jive gurus to see if you have specific thoughts about this...

      Claire Flanagan

      Ted Hopton

      Tracy Maurer

      Andrew Kratz

      Ryan Rutan