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    Best practices for community management with a team?


      Hi, guys. I'd like to ask for your help again.


      I have a client that has a team of ~5 people managing their Space. Their Space is huge; it's driving a ton of traffic to my site overall and has a very solid use case. It's great that they have so many folks able to dedicate to managing their Space, but I don't have very many tips for them on how to manage as a team because I don't have one myself. It's just me for now on the rest of the site, which is working at the moment.


      So, for those of you who manage your Jive community with a team of people - how do you it?

      • How do you manage your community as a group?
      • Do you have any processes that have helped?
      • Do you use any cool features in Jive to help you manage this, or
      • Did you purchase a tool to help you co-manage?
      • What lessons did you learn that I can share with this team when it comes to the team approach to community management?


      I very much appreciate your help with this.


      Thanks, team!


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          Set up a private group where they can coordinate. I suggest keeping it simple, and using a Jive group to share what they are doing and planning will go a long way toward coordinating their efforts.

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            We are 4 people managing our community and have set up the following groups:

            • 1st Level Support (open) - user post support cases and questions via discussions
            • 2nd Level Support (privat) - community manager post supoort cases for our Jive hosting company
            • Jive (open) - open discussions about upcoming features in the community
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              I had a group of users who set up a monitoring system within their space where they had 4 people serve as admins and each took lead on the site for a week.  For them, being lead meant that the person would publish at least one blog post and would address all new discussion, either answering them directly or pointing them out to the right person.  By taking this on as a weekly responsibility, they were able to share monitoring in a manageable way and content stayed up-to-date.


              I would also make sure that the official support channels are posted front and center on the space so that if users do run into any technical problems, they know exactly where to go.  This is a good practice for any site that gets a lot of traffic.