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    Can we get an un-answered questions widget here?


      I find that Jive is extremely bad at surfacing unanswered questions in any useful way.   Unless I continuously bump questions, or @mention specific people or places then anything I ask just disappears off the recent content widget after five or ten items.  Because the new activity stream is so spaced out, I have to scroll miles down the page to find things, and often can't be bothered, I assume others feel the same.


      In other systems like Stack Exchange my questions are almost being answered as soon as I post.  Maybe Jive should consider running Stack Exchange for it's support and developer forums?


      Alternatively I thought it might be useful to have an unanswered questions widget in a high priority spot on the community page.

      Perhaps a future addition could be a content tab with a count of unanswered questions which gives a more forum style subject link view so you can get more on the page?


      I do think this is and has been for a long time a big failing in the Jive Community system.