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    Is there a better way than this hack to upload images in Bunchball?

      I tried uploading an image to a photo hosting service, but I think the absence of an HTTPS URL made it fail when I tried to use the link to that image for a level in Bunchball. I got a "broken image" indicator and then in the site only the name of the level, not the image, was displayed. And I can't seem to find photo hosting sites that provide HTTPS URLs. fail


      So, I looked for a hack to get around this problem I know that I can upload images in the Gamification Console when I create Missions, and after I do that a URL is displayed in the Gamification Console. Hmmm....


      I created a new Folder for Missions called Level Images, then created missions within that (which I will not activate). I then uploaded an image, copied the URL that was generated and displayed in that mission for the image, and pasted that HTTPS URL in for one of my levels. Presto! My image displays.


      Is there a more efficient way to accomplish this? If not, happy to share this with others who are frustrated about the shortcoming in Bunchball's Gamification Console that forces me to hack this.


      cc: Dan Katz Curtis Gross