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    People's expertise search functionality


      We are encountered difficulties when a user trying to get experts in the organization to help on solving their problems. Based on what we have in Jive 5 today, although we have an expertise field setup as part of user profile in a free text format which allowed a user to define their own expertise, and it could be in a sentences, words, or anything they like. When we go for people search, Jive search will return results if  the keyword matched with any profile field, which might not be accurate. We can't make the field as filterable as a user might have several expertise.

      We are looking for an option which allows our user to search for a people's specific expertise from user profiles.  Our ideas are we need to get someone maintain the expertise dictionary. User can update their expertise by picking from the dictionary and keep into their profile. When comes to search, it should have an option for them to search for expertise by departmental.

      Is Jive has this functionality in Jive 5 or some other newer version? I am appreciated if someone can share their how they handle this in their organization by using Jive. Thanks.